Giannotto’s Specialty Pharmacy continues the synergy established between patient and pharmacist.

Together with pharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians, and patients, we work to provide better access to medicinal therapies. Patients with chronic illnesses are then provided access to high-cost complex drug regimens. In doing so, we exceed industry standards for compliance and consistency.

As we work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers, Giannotto’s has created a system that includes:

REMS Program Participation

We are proud to implement the FDA’s drug safety program known as Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, or REMS, for controlled medications like Spravato. Pharmacists who dispense these medicines play a key role in ensuring that products with serious risks requiring REMS are dispensed and used safely. Working with a REMS program medication requires our pharmacy to follow highly specified procedures. These may vary for different medications but can include completing special training, verifying safe use conditions, providing counseling, and/or patient education materials. All of the is completed in an effort to help ensure the benefits of the medication outweigh its risks.

To find out more, please visit the site on REMS Programs

How does Giannotto’s work with Manufacturers?

Creating specialty medications and drug therapies are an integral part of Giannotto’s business. We create, dispense, and monitor complex medication therapies so that they are in full compliance with all manufacturing and pharmacy standards.

We are committed to patient care and know that adherence to prescribed drug therapies is needed for successful treatment.

Attention to the individual patient and their care includes:
  • FREE Delivery on all medications within the state of New Jersey
  • Staff help with prior insurance authorization
  • Thorough explanations on drug therapy, including compliance needs and possibly harmful side effects
  • Computerized program to automatically track refill dates
  • Alerts sent to pharmacists for doctor renewal when needed – handled directly by staff
  • Injection training
As we work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers, Giannotto’s has created a system that includes:
  • Individualized & customized medication and therapy packaging programs
  • Collaboration with manufacturers to target pilot programs within the patient’s profile
  • Monthly & quarterly electronic patient usage reporting
  • Personal staff help with product launches and distributing related educational material
Our pharmacists personally discuss in detail with the patients:
  • The necessity for full compliance and adherence to medication regimens
  • Administration & duration of therapy regimen per their physician’s prescribing
  • Distribute printed educational materials related to drug therapy